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Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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The Talavera de la Reina Regeneration Project

Students of 4th grade of ESO, 1st grade of Bachillerato and students of the vocational school's degrees are working on this project. Our mission is to redevelop at least 1 of the 5 sites suggested by students as potential redevelopment sites in Talavera de la Reina.

All of the following places are well-known for being abandoned areas or ruined buildings near the city centre:

  • Industrial Lactea Talavera
  • The Tresku building in front of El Corte Inglés
  • Old dairy in Ronda del Cañillo
  • Old flour factory “La harinera Talaverana”
  • Pedro Tenorio Square

View a slide show of the abandoned sites and ruined buildings near the city centre

After the Talavera workshop and the discussion with international students, it was decided to focus on just the Tresku building opposite the El Corte Inglés department store.

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