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Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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__Full requirements of the new Tresku Building Redeveloped__

The first floor and basement would be dedicated to bike rentals.


The basement would be adapted for disable people and could be accessed by lift or stairs. In the basement bicycles would be kept and classified according to age and use. There would also be a garage for maintenance and repairs. The person who is manager of the garage, will also be the person in charge of the counter to rent bikes. There would be a cloakroom only for customers on this floor too. They could be used with extra charge of the standard fare.

First Floor

There would be two counters, one for information about routes and prices and the other for bicycle rental, where customers could take a number in order to pick up the bicycle on the basement. Besides, there would be toilets and lockers, as you can see in the map. All this would be adapted for disabled people and families with kids too. The bike rental wouldn´t be just for tourists because the residents can rent bikes for months too and choose the bike according to their needs. The fares would vary depending on how long the bikes are hired and there would be different areas where you could leave the bike so people wouldn´t need to return the bike to the building. That way they could be used as public transport. There would be affordable prices for everybody and baby carrier for babies so that the whole family could use them/because they can have fun too.

Bicycle Lane in Talavera de la Reina

Routes near Talavera de la Reina



Special bicycle for dirt roads or mountain.Depending on the demand we could determine the number of bicycles that we need.

Special bike for city or paved routes. It’s a good idea to promote its use for residents in town.

Adult’s helmet to be used in the city or in routes. If customers want elbow patches and kneepads, they should bring their own because they are not of obligatory use.


Bike for kids to be used in town and in routes. Depending on the demand we could determine the number of bikes.

Kids’ helmet, but elbow patches and kneepads are not included. They should bring their own because they are not of obligatory use.


Babies’ helmet.

Baby carrier which can be adapted to any bike so that the little ones can have fun too.

Disabled person

Bike’s disabled person, not recommended for gradient routes or dirt roads.

Second Floor

The second floor of the Tresku building is a playhouse.

There is one room with videogames. This room has 10 Play Station and 10 XBOX with a lot of games.

One room for craft with balloons and body paint. In this room the kids go to paint their faces and they can play with balloons.

One room for crafts.

One room where you can play board games. In this room the kids can play board games like monopoly.

And one room to do exercise. The kids can run, play and have a good time.

There is also a coffe shop where parents can drink something and relax.

In the lockers at the corridor the kids can keep their things.

On the walls there are posters of games, tours…

Third Floor

First Room. Chairs, tables to make handcrafts and a playground for children.

Second Room. It is a room for lectures, films and local band concerts. There is an overhead projector and a big screen near the window, chairs and tables on the room. The sound control is next to the screen.

Third Room. There are shelves on the walls, there is one table in the middle and a counter. The bathroom is adapted to disabled people.

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