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Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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The Regeneration Project in La Verpillière

In the French partner school Sainte-Marie Lyon, students majoring in economics and the social sciences as part of their baccalaureate are studying various aspects of their town and their region. The chosen site for redesign is the railway station at La Verpillière, the town where the school is located.

While some students are active in the redesign process, others are involved in other equally important tasks. In one work group they are focusing on creating different events to make the regeneration project part of a general community reflection on the future of the local railway station. A public relations group is responsible for making sure everyone inside and outside the school is aware of the hard work that is being put in. The task of a further group is to build multimedia glossaries in the various foreign languages studied at the school, so that students and other players from all over Europe can understand the regeneration project, whether they are fluent English-speakers or not.

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