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About sports

Picture English Français Deutsch Español Polish
Baby carrier Siege enfant Kinder halter Silla de bebe siodełko dla dziecka
You can carry babies on a bike
Backpack Un sac à dos Rucksack Mochila Plecak
A bag carried on one's back
Bell Klakson Klingel Timbre Dzwonek
A percussion instrument used to draw people's attention.
Bike lane Piste cyclable Radfahrweg Carril de bicicletas Rower
Track used by cyclists in cities or towns.
Brakes Freim Bremse Frenos Hamulec
A mechanical device to stop the bike.
Gloves Ganto Handschuhe Guante Rękawiczki
An item of clothing used to protect your hands.
Handle bar Guidom Lenker Manillar Kierownica
The steering mechanism for bicycles
Helmet Casque Helm Casco Kask
An item worn to protect one´s head
Inner tube Chambre à air Schlanch Camara Dętka
A torus-shaped balloon to prevent air leakage
Knee pads Genouillères Knieschoner Rodilleras Ochraniacze na kolana
A protection for riders´s knees.
Light Phare Licht Luces Światła
Illumination attached to bicycles
Pedal Pédalle Pedal Pedal Pedał
A lever activated by one's foot
Pump Pompe Pumpe Bomba de inflar Pompka
A device that moves gases by mechanical action
Repair kit Boite à outils Reparaturkiste Kit de reparación Narzędzia
A set of items used to repair a bike
Spokes Rayons Speichen Radios Szprychy
A number of rods radiating from the center of a wheel
Tire Pneu Reifen Cubierta Opona
A rubber piece that fits on the wheel of the bike.
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