Redesign Your Town

Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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A Spanish student's view of the Spanish workshop

A personal view

I spent three wonderful days working on the Comenius Project and with the partners. It was very exciting for me. All day I was looking forward to Thursday night. Finally the Thursday came, and the time of the introductions too. When our partners arrived in Talavera I was so nervous that I forgot my partner´s name. m( Fortunately she was very nice.

I think this experience opens students mind and it also promotes international relations, cooperation and coexistence which will contribute to make a better world. The workshops were very amusing and teachers were funny. I´m sure this project won´t be forgotten easily.

By Diego Rodríguez

It was a very exciting experience. We visited many places and lived with other people for three days.

I found the workshops interesting as we had to relate to other people who were party of the project, I found them very sociable and friendly. One of the things I liked the most was visiting Toledo, as it is one of the most beautiful cities. In my opinion it has been an unforgettable experience.

By Angélica Aceituno

Activities of the Workshop

By Sara, Miguel & Beatriz


Each of us got up with our respective partners at 8.30am to go to school . When we arrived, we started a game (to help us a remember the other person’s name) in which you had to say the name of the previous person and what he liked.

Then, the German and French students showed us their project presentation, in which they talked about their school and bit part of their country.

Around 12:30 am we took a little break where we had churros with chocolate, (typical Spanish food). So energetically later we went to see the Bread’s square, where we visited the town hall and we met Gonzalo Lago, the Mayor of Talavera. He will command a small message for each (according to our nationality) and we receive a small present from the city.


When we finished we went back to school where we continue with the presentations of the Spanish and Polish students .Following completion of the presentations we saw what we would do the next day and we went to had dinner together at a restaurant.


After eating we had the afternoon off. But the first thing we did was to go to show our partner Talavera and then each one do that he wanted with his partner.

SATURDAY 25/1/2014

On Saturday we started to make a lot activities at half past eight, it was really early because we were going to do the workshop activities in three different groups, which had a two or three students from each country

In the first group, we were in C11 class and we talked about the redesign your town project . We talked about how can we make the project posible in each country, and what is better to do in these ruined places.

When we finished talking, we went out to ask the students of the other groups about what is their opinion about our project decision. They were free to talk about what they did if they were in our group.

In the second group, we were in D21 class and we were thinking about ideas to make the project recognised in all country. We brought a lot of different ideas and we called the radio to make an advert of the project.

The people of the other countries were helping us a lot all time giving different ways to make the project became popular

Here is a sample video of the groups working :

We finished the group work at ten, and we had a break time until half past eleven.

At half past eleven we got back to work: Each group had to explain to all students what have they done in their group and what are the results.

At 14:30 we had paella for lunch, And all Spanish students brought one different meal, so the foreign students ate a bit of our food. The paella was liked a lot generally.

After lunch we had free time the rest of the day. There was people who went to the commercial center and people who went for a walk along the Talavera’s streets.

SUNDAY 26/1/2014

On Sunday we did a lot of activities where we and the foreign students had a lot of fun. We went to Toledo to show the foreign students some famous cities of Spain and have in this workshop.

The morning of the Sunday, we arrived to Toledo at eleven o’clock, the teachers let us some time to visit the city, go shopping, have lunch, etc; while the Spanish teachers were showing to the foreign teachers the city and a bit of Spanish culture.

We, the Spanish students, decided to visit the city and museums with some foreign students. The rest of the group went shopping or fun, as usual.

At five o’clock, we took the bus to come back to Talavera. For our surprise, we went to the bowling center! It was amazing! we were playing a little match of bowling, must recognize the German students played very well!

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