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A German student's view of the Spanish workshop

Report of the Talavera meeting — 23rd to 27th of january 2014

Our meeting was a great experience and very interesting. First of all we met the students and teachers from France, Poland and Spain for the first time and found out about their different projects. We also had some time to think and talk about the other projects and to get some ideas for our own project, the possible use for the Joint Head Quarters in Mönchengladbach, from the other groups. On Saturday we worked in different groups to also find out our next steps for each project and how we can communicate with the rest due Lyon.

But we did not only work in Spain. We also had the chance to visit Madrid on our first and on our last day in Spain and had a trip to Toledo with everybody. Of course we also visited Talavera de la Reina and could learn a few things about the Spanish culture and language by staying in families of our project. With the Spanish students we were also able to see some great places, for example the sundowner on a hill of Talavera, or had fun by singing karaoke. We had an amazing time and were thankful that everyone was so welcome.

By Katharina Winter


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