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The "El Corte Inglés" influence

“El Corte Inglés” in Talavera de la Reina has 492 workers, mostly from the city and 62% are women. As claimed in the press conference before the inauguration of the building, El Corte Inglés created a lot of jobs, this way it contributes to drop unemployment in the city.

The center of “El Corte Inglés” affects an area of over 250.000 inhabitants ( Talavera and its district).

The history of the "El Corte Inglés"

“ El Corte Inglés” was a little shop in Preciados Street in Madrid. It was dedicated to tailoring for children. It was founded in 1980. The property has belonged to Julián Gordo Centenera since 1930. Between 1945-1946, the first building reform took place, extending it to a building with five plants and there was a different department on each floor. Afterwards, Preciados Department Store joined El Corte Inglés and its prestige increased. In the 60’s El Corte Inglés Department Store settled in Barcelona, Seville, Bilbao and Madrid, in the latter more buildings were created for this department store.

At the end of the 60’s, it undergoes a growth in the capitals of the provinces, in 1969 was created the department “Viajes El Corte Inglés”, in 1979 it was created “Hipercor” and in 1982 it acquires the “Insurance center”. In July of 1997 El Corte Inglés signed to merge its subsidary “The Harris Company” (1981) with U.S network “Gottschalks”. In December, it acquired the nine British stores “Marks & Spencer”, after they had decided to put an end to its operations in Spain.

In December 2006, El Corte Inglés acquired the Ason company, it was the owner of the Windsor building and of 20% of the Picasso Tower. In July 2007 the company sold to FFC its participation in this last property, at the same time, advancing the design of one the most modern shopping centers in Europe.

At the end of 2010, the shopping area was opened in this new building which was attached to El Corte Inglés center in La Castellana Street. In October 2011 new services were inaugurated like the services: Gourmet Experience, Luxury Streets, Health and Beauty, etc.

Commercial Impact

The place has a huge commercial impact because there are a lot of shops there. One of the most famous is the Corte Inglés, which is next to the Tresku building.

Central Location

Its located in Pio XII Street, a very famous street of Talavera, so every day a lot of people go shopping there.

The influence of the shopping zone may will become the trescu building a shop, but is not only that; the shopping center can be associated to the Corte Inglés, and it will have more shops.

Anyway there was people who told us different possibilities beside shopping, like a kindergarten, flats, or an hotel.

Some pictures of the building process


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