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The Dairy of Ronda del Cañillo


  • 1322 square meters.
  • It has been for sale for a few years.
  • Buyer is requested.
  • Ronda del Cañillo’s street Nº36, Talavera de la Reina.
  • Price: 2.500.000 €


Based on the information obtained by asking inhabitants of the place, we could know that this parcel has been abandoned for a few years, but it previously used to fuction as a diary farm, where the whole city cattle was reunited. This caused us a huge impression because we were also told that this made that people from all over the city come to the dairy farm, which functioned as a cattle market and that gave many way outs to the city trading. They also explained us the different kind of rests that were still visible in the parcel. Actually, the parcel whose owner doesn’t want to know anything about it, is abandoned, although any of the people we talked to couldn’t give us any information about the man’s life. As you may see in the photo below, there is the parcelas well as the posters throughout the whole facade, that show us how the owner wants to sell this parcel.

Video of introduction

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