Redesign Your Town

Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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Our visit in Lyon

Panorama of Lyon from the Fourvière Hill

23rd May 2014

Our adventure started on 23rd May 2014 at Warsaw Chopin Airport where we met at 10:00. The plane took us to Amsterdam where we had a change. After 1.5 hour flight we landed in Lyon. We were welcome by Antony Schooling the coordinator of the project and the host families. It was very emotional to us because we met our French friends for the first time. And we were driven to our new homes.

24th May 2014

Sainte-Marie school in Lyon

We didn't sleep too long, because we had to be at school very early. The architecture of the school building was very suprising for us. It's made of concret and it looks like UFO. But it's really pretty inside (at least some of us think so). We were very nervous, because we had two presentations (leaflet and film) before the international audience. It was a success, we gave away leaflets and everybody was impressed by proffesional level of our film. Next we could listen to the lecture by Mr Grobost who is an expert who deals with redisigning railway stations and he told us about different aspects of redisigning. It was very interesting and it can be very helpful in our work.

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