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Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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Meeting the conversion coordinator Mrs. Pfennings

Mrs Pfennings is the conversion specialist of Mönchengladbach. She came into our school and presented us the analisis of the JHQ situation. In march we (Katharina and Can) went to her office with questions that had raised during our research.

1. What do you think about our plan to build a British pub on the area of the JHQ?

2. Do you think that our ideas can be realized?

3. Do you have any other suggestions referring to our idea?

Mrs Pfennings did like our idea! She told us that once the idea to remember the British heritage had raised but nobody followed it. So in fact, she was nearly enthusiastic about it. But she was very sceptical talking about the chances to realize it.

Afterwards we went to the area, but we couldn't enter. You see on the photos that it is really an abandoned place.

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