Redesign Your Town

Urban Regeneration in Four European Countries

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   * [[start:​5-working together|Together]]   * [[start:​5-working together|Together]]
   * [[start:​6-multimedia glossaries|Glossaries]]   * [[start:​6-multimedia glossaries|Glossaries]]
 +  * [[start:​7-pictionary|Pictionary]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 ====== First solution put forward by redevelopers ====== ====== First solution put forward by redevelopers ======
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 [[start:​1-france:​a-research:​02-station|Back]] [[start:​1-france:​a-research:​02-station|Back]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
 +For developers, the removal of the level crossing is a must. To maintain access to and from the station, an underpass would have to be constructed. It would be used by both public transport and pedestrians. The development of new bus stops and parking would be desirable on the north side. To address the use of alternative modes of transport, a bicycle park (which already exists) would be expanded. In order to limit the impact of the development on the landscape, a leafy esplanade is planned. As for the school, a north-south expressway would be built alongside the current "​Alps"​ car park.
 +However, there are some drawbacks:
 +  * The expressway would be a safety issue for the children of the school. In addition, its development would be costly because it would mean expropriations.
 +  * The station which is considered unsuited to the current traffic will soon be permanently exceed its limits. A new building would still need to be built.
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